I love this piece. I’d also like to add funding public education to your list. The false idea of meritocracy is bolstered by the idea that any child has access to a good education. And yet, our schools are as segregated as they were before Brown vs.Board of education. One cannot have economic opportunity without educational access. In far too many cities our children’s access to education is determined by their zip code or their parents socioeconomic status. The bootstraps argument falls flat when kids who are not “gifted” with safe neighborhoods, or college-educated parents, or well-funded PTAs at their schools fail to succeed in our two-track education system of haves and have-nots and are then blamed for “being lazy” or being “disruptive” in low-funded, over-burdened schools.

mom of twins. education nerd. public school warrior. reformed cat-lady. amateur urbanist. social justice addict. BLERD. & most recently Board of Ed Commissioner

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