Maybe this is because you make comments like “inner-city Blacks celebrate ignorance.” When you say things like this, white racists like it because it reaffirms their beliefs that there is something inherently wrong with Black culture. It alleviates their guilt at benefitting from years of white supremacy. Additionally, when they say or do something in line with the belief that Black folks are inferior, they can reassure themselves (and others) that they are not racist. In that way… you make a good “black friend.”

As an educator working in urban public schools with Black and Brown kids for almost 20 years, I can tell you there is nothing wrong with Black culture. If you knew your own history, you’d know we’ve been fighting to get the kind of education most white folks take for granted since the very birth of our nation. My grandparents were not educated past the 8th grade because they weee not allowed to attend neighborhood schools reserved for whites. Even though they toiled in factories and “white peoples houses” they were avid readers and loved to discuss politics.

Maybe the reason you don’t know this is because you DON’T actually spend time with Black people who might educate you on our collective history. Maybe the “ignorant” one is you?

mom of twins. education nerd. public school warrior. reformed cat-lady. amateur urbanist. social justice addict. BLERD. & most recently Board of Ed Commissioner

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