Reflections on Jemele Hill or When Black Women Speak Truth

Let’s look at The Donald’s record…

He has repeatedly been accused of systematically discriminating against Black people in housing rentals. He took out an ad in the New York Times calling for the reinstatement of the death penalty after a group of Black and Latino teens (“the Central Park Five”) were convicted then exonerated of a white female jogger’s rape. He started and perpetuated the racist “birther” movement against Barak Obama, claiming Obama was not a true American. He retweeted massively exaggerated claims about Black on White violence. He said Mexicans were “rapists” among other insults. He issued a “Travel Ban” which essentially equated muslims with terrorists. He called white supremacists “fine people” and said “both sides” were to blame for the murder of a white anti-racist protester, Heather Heyer, during Charlottesville’s white nationalist rallies.

Black women have little to gain, and everything to lose.

Despite the fact that this statement is a revelation to NO ONE, stating the obvious seems to get you in mighty big trouble when you are a Black woman. While Black and white male writers, and even white Ms. America contestants, are lauded for blasting Trump’s racism, when a Black woman names the obvious, there will be hell to pay.

Our voices matter.

So… when we raise our voices, especially when we do so in white spaces, consider that we have most likely been thinking about what we are saying for a Very. Long. Time.

Read, Follow, Re-tweet!

While I have your attention, these are some of the AMAZING Black women I’m listening to on Twitter and other social media platforms. Read, follow and retweet them. Amplify their voices. Support their work.



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Ali M Collins

Ali M Collins

mom of twins. education nerd. public school warrior. reformed cat-lady. amateur urbanist. social justice addict. BLERD. & most recently Board of Ed Commissioner