The Roadmap to COVID Recovery Resolution Passes!

SFUSD educators at all levels have been committed to keeping our kids and families safe!
President Lopez and I listened to family concerns about in-person learning and worked with them to draft this important measure to ensure all SFUSD schools are taking appropriate steps to keep them safe.
California was the first state in the nation to mandate COVID-19 vaccinations for all students, once they are officially approved by the CDC.

Reaffirming our commitments to safety and transparency.

Safety and a clear plan (aka: roadmap) for recovery

The Roadmap to COVID Recovery Resolution articulates our commitment to ensuring health and safety protocols are in place at each and every school. It also commits district staff to “work toward the opportunity to mandate for full vaccination of District staff.”

Many families reached out to share safety concerns about eating indoors. The Roadmap to COVID Recovery calls on SFUSD to support schools with staffing and resources to support outdoor lunch and learning.
Some families chose to keep their children in distance learning due to health concerns. The Roadmap to COVID Recovery resolution ensures students in online learning programs won’t lose placement in their home school.

A fiscally responsible approach requires a roadmap

During the meeting, we discussed the potential impact of the resolution on the budget. As President Lopez and I stated multiple times during these discussions, the purpose of this resolution is to create clarity and transparency around district plans to support COVID safety and recovery.

Without plans, we have no way to monitor progress.

Filling gaps in SFUSD’s support network

One of my favorite parts of the Roadmap to COVID Recovery Resolution is the call on the Superintendent to work with city and community partners to staff a full-time position to support partnership and direct communication with Single Room Occupancies (SRO) and other unhoused families who rarely have a seat at the table.

Monolingual Chinese-speaking families living in SRO’s have been heavily impacted by the pandemic.
Our district needs to partner with city agencies and community partners to ensure safety for communities that are most vulnerable to COVID-19.

Learn more…

On my blog SFPSFam

Read more about my work to ensure our district is fulfilling its promise to keep schools safe and keep kids in school.

Amended language for the Roadmap to COVID Recovery Resolution

The original language of the resolution (appearing on BoardDocs) was amended based on conversation during the meeting. The amended language appears below:



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